Focuslight Announces AT02 Pro Ultra-Wide FOV (160°x120°) VCSEL Illuminator


Focuslight has released an Ultra-Wide FOV VCSEL Illuminator AT02 Pro with 160°x120° FOV, 3W output power, and a batwing intensity distribution. AT02 Pro is designed for DMS (Driver Monitoring System), OMS (Occupancy Monitoring System), machine vision, augmented reality, intelligent transportation, laser infrared lighting, etc.


Advantages and Features

• Ultra-wide FOV 160°x120°

• Batwing intensity distribution

• Free of zero-order issue

• Automotive-grade glass diffuser

Performance Parameters

• Peak power: 3W

• Wavelength: 940nm

• FOV @ FWHM: 160°x120° (120°x20°, 120°x60°, 60°x45°, customizable)

• Intensity distribution: Batwing distribution (cos-n(Ø) customizable)

• Operating temperature: -40°~105°C 

• Dimension: 3.2x3.5mm




The 160°x120° ultra-wide FOV VCSEL illuminator AT02 Pro is the latest upgraded version of Focuslight’s VCSEL illuminator module. The new product is designed with Focuslight's new ultra-wide FOV diffuser made of high refractive index glass. The diffuser can diffuse laser light into a large rectangular FOV up to 160°. It is suitable for accurate and reliable sensing at a wide illumination angle combined with batwing intensity distribution. The 160°x120° ultra-wide FOV covers a wide range of in-cabin environments to monitor driver and passenger status and activities, generating real-time information of the entire cabin, including the rear row. AT02 Pro can also be customized for various FOV combination options (45°, 60°, 120°, 160°, etc.) with specified batwing intensity distribution.


With advantages of ultra-wide FOV, batwing distribution, high resistance to sunlight, high resolution, etc., Focuslight VCSEL illuminator AT02/AT02 Pro can provide customers with high performance and high-reliability solution for DMS and OMS illumination as an upgrade alternative to LED illuminator. It is the preferred illumination solution for automotive-grade DMS and OMS. It can also be used for machine vision, augmented reality, intelligent transportation, laser infrared lighting, etc.

We can provide samples to our customers if necessary. 

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