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In order to achieve the continuous leadership and commercial success of, Focuslight is actively looking for suppliers who can build long-term and stable partnership with us, work together to achieve technological breakthrough and innovation, and provide qualified products and services, competitive prices, and stable production and delivery.

More than half of Focuslight’s cost come from our suppliers, only by working closely with our suppliers to optimize the entire value chain, which can achieve sustainable competitive advantage.  Focuslight values those suppliers who enhance their competitiveness through innovative technology or innovative business solutions. Therefore, our suppliers must continuously improve their performance and reduce their costs as well as Focuslight\'s.

How to become our supplier

At the commencement of any business, all suppliers are required to comply with and sign the established principles set forth in Focuslight Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement, Supplier Code of Conduct and Supplier Integrity Undertaking, which assist our suppliers in complying with ethical and legal requirements in their daily work.

At the same time, Focuslight will also investigate the suppliers who are interested in cooperating with us on basic information, including the basic information of the supplier company, the business contact window of the supplier, the supplier personnel, the design and development ability and the historical business revenue, the supplier quality system certification status, ROHS, REACH certification, the main products and the capacity of the main production equipment and testing equipment, as well as the main raw material supply channels etc. The supplier can fill in the information according to Supplier Basic Information Survey Form or Auto Business Supplier Basic Information Survey Form in details and provide specific proof documents to Focuslight the corresponding supply chain business contact.

Suppliers play a crucial role in Focuslight entire development and production process. In order to select the most suitable suppliers for Focuslight, our Supply Chain team will organize Engineering and Quality team comprehensive evaluation of potential suppliers, and approve to qualified suppliers, through the parts approval process (process audit and product approval), potential suppliers\'response to Focuslight\'s General Business Agreement and Quality Assurance Agreement, as well as the willingness and commitment of supplier\'s senior management, the transparency of supplier costs and the willingness of cost control optimization, etc., Only suppliers that have passed the evaluation can be included in the Focuslight Approved Vendor pool and enter the subsequent supplier management and continuous monitoring management.

Supplier Management

The long-term relationships between Focuslight and its suppliers are critical to future business growth. Focuslight\'s purchasing capability and suppliers\' competitiveness are the core elements of Focuslight\'s strategy. Only by working with suppliers to optimize the entire value chain, we can win significant competitive advantages in the future.

For these reasons, Focuslight has adopted a unified supplier management program throughout the whole company. Focuslight will focus on the most important suppliers and develop or maintain strategic alliances with key suppliers.

Supplier management objectives:

  • Supplier management is based on the total cost of the relationship with the supplier

  • Allocation of procurement volume will focus on the best suppliers

  • Continuously reduce costs and improve supplier performance (e.g. quality, on-time delivery, etc.)

  • Continuous improvement and supplier co-operation

  • Work with suppliers to optimize the entire value chain

1.Supplier Performance Evaluation

Suppliers play a vital role in the whole production process and we can only succeed if they do their best.

Focuslight uses the following supplier performance evaluation process to measure supplier performance and efficiency.


Based on the supplier performance evaluation results, Focuslight classifies suppliers into four performance categories:

2.Supplier Classification


3.Supplier Quality Management

Supplier Quality Management department belongs to Focuslight Corporate HQ, who’s responsible for “Life Cycle Management” of SQM of each BU according to corporate quality policy and SQM framework as below.


By enhancing supplier quality assurance ability, to fulfill customer requirement and create robust quality ability of supply chain and make effort to achieve “win-win” among customer, Focuslight and supplier partners.

4.Business continuity

The continuity of supply chain business has a crucial influence on Focuslight business. If the interruption of the key links in the supply chain or the disaster exceeds the current capacity, the continuation of relevant business of Focuslight will be seriously affected.

Therefore, all key suppliers are required to provide Focuslight with documentation of business continuity related control measures or plans, which can be specific to product-related plans, concepts or initiatives, and cover risk assessment, disaster prevention and business disruption avoidance.

Corporate Social Responsibility of Supply Chain

  • Environmental protection: Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. Protecting the environment is an important part of our business decisions and we are committed to operating our business in an environmentally responsible manner. As a result, our suppliers assume global and local environmental responsibilities and take the necessary steps to protect their environmental operations in all regions of the world where they operate. Our suppliers should minimize the environmental impact of their services, products and materials and provide tools and equipment as early as possible. Our suppliers should regularly train their employees on environmental issues. In addition, the supplier shall implement and manage the environmental management system ISO 14001 or equivalent in accordance with EN.

  • Health and safety: Ensuring occupational health and safety in accordance with state regulations and working towards the continuous improvement of working conditions. Supplier shall provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of its employees and minimize risks and hazards in the workplace to protect the health and well-being of employees, contractors and third-party visitors.

  • Conflict Minerals: None of the Company\\\\\\\'s products and raw materials contain, directly or indirectly, conflict minerals from mines located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or in areas controlled by armed groups in neighboring countries, including, but not limited to, Gold, Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten and their derivatives mined from such mines.

  • Human rights: Respect and support internationally recognized human rights.

  • Labor: Comply with all applicable labor laws. We reject all forms of child Labour and forced Labor. Our suppliers are not allowed to employ children under the age of 15.

  • Discrimination: Suppliers shall, to the extent permitted by applicable law, combat all forms of discrimination, in particular against employees on the basis of sex, race, disability, ethnic or cultural origin, religious or other belief, age or sexual orientation.

  • Trade: The Supplier shall comply with all applicable trade control laws and regulations and all export, re-export and import laws and regulations.

  • Data protection: Not to engage in any activities that may violate the main data protection laws in the relevant jurisdiction.

  • Antitrust: Conduct business in full compliance with applicable antitrust and fair competition laws and regulations.

  • Anti-corruption: Comply with anti-corruption and anti-money laundering laws in the countries where the supplier does business, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act and any similar local laws and regulations. No matter when dealing with government officials or specific business personnel shall be any form of bribery or kickback behavior. Do not directly or indirectly offer or pay anything of value (including travel, gifts, hospitality and charitable contributions) to any person concerned with the intention of inducing him to abuse his position to obtain or retain or otherwise improperly promote the business interests of the Company.

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