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Focuslight Announces Wide-Angle Diffuser (WAD)

Focuslight designs and produces Wide-Angle diffusers with 1D/2D Field of Illumination (FOI) up to 160°x 120°, which can provide a wide selection of profiles from flat-top, bat-wing, stepped profile, offset, or customized homogeneous intensity distribution. Focuslight diffusers are refractive based optical elements (ROEs) with cylindrical array structures, which are applicable for various light sources including collimated, less collimated or diverging light sources, such as DPSSL, EEL or VCSEL.

Focuslight Completes Brand Unification with LIMO GmbH

Focuslight Technologies, a global provider of high-power diode lasers, laser optics and photonics modules and systems solutions, has announced that its 2017 acquisition with LIMO GmbH, a Focuslight Company, has fully integrated its sales and marketing teams and streamlined its manufacturing facilities, better positioning the organization for expanding its global presence in the industries they serve. With the successful completion of their recent IPO on December 24th, 2021, now is the perfect time to move forward as one company and will now conduct global business as one brand: Focuslight Technologies.

Focuslight Announces AT02 Pro Ultra-Wide FOV (160°x120°) VCSEL Illuminator

Focuslight has released an Ultra-Wide FOV VCSEL Illuminator AT02 Pro with 160°x120° FOV, 3W output power, and a batwing intensity distribution. AT02 Pro is designed for DMS (Driver Monitoring System), OMS (Occupancy Monitoring System), machine vision, augmented reality, intelligent transportation, laser infrared lighting, etc.