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Optical Coating

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Coating design and R&D capability

Coating capacity in large volume

Coating analysis and measurement capabilities

LIDT Measurement Capability & Service

Optical Coating

Key Specifications

Anti-reflection Coating


● High transmittance at target wavelength range    

● Low reflection    

● From DUV to Infrared band

● Low absorption at PPM level    

● High damage threshold    

● Customizable


Coating Category Wavelength Range(nm) AOI (°) Reflectance (%)
UV single wavelength AR  coating 266 0-15° R < 0.2%
UV single wavelength AR  coating 355 0-10° R < 0.2%
DUV AR coating 247-250 0-15° R < 0.2%
Broadband AR coating 380-480 0-30° R < 0.5%
Dual wavelength AR coating 355+532 0-15° R < 0.5%
Dual wavelength AR coating 532+1064 R < 0.2%
Broadband AR coating 770-1070 0-30° R < 0.5%
Broadband AR coating 1530-1570 0-20° R < 0.2%
Broadband AR coating 1700-2500 0-30° R < 0.5%

editor1642069083105474.png editor1642069083500412.png editor1642069083118850.png

High-reflection Coating


● High reflection at target wavelength range and incident angle

● Metal and dielectric medium can be selected    

● High damage threshold    

● Customizable


Coating Category Wavelength Range(nm) AOI (°) Reflectance (%)
Single wavelength HR  coating 355 45° > 99.5%
Single wavelength HR  coating 266 45° > 99.5%
Dual wavelength HR coating 343/532 40° > 60%/99%
Dual wavelength HR coating 633/1064 45° > 80%/99.5%
Broadband HR coating 440-540 > 99.5%
Broadband HR coating 630-690 40°-50° > 99%
Broadband HR coating 1020-1085 43-47° > 99.8%
Broadband HR coating 1450-1550 44-46° > 99.5%


Beam Splitter Coating


● Metal and dielectric medium can be selected    

● Customizable


Coating Category Wavelength Range(nm) AOI (°) Technical Specification
Metal-dielectric beam splitter 850±5 T:R=1:1
Single beam splitter 1064 T/R=40/60; T/R=50/50; T/R=30/70
Broadband beam splitter 500-700 T/R=50/50
Flat polarization beam splitter 1064 56° Tp > 95%;  Rs > 99%;  Tp/Ts>100:1
Prism polarization beam splitter 532 45° Tp > 98%;  Rs > 99.5%;  Tp/Ts>1000:1
Flat depolarization beam splitter 532 45° T/R=48:48; |Rs-Rp| < 5%
Prism depolarization beam splitter 700-1000 45° T/R=45:45; |Rs-Rp| < 5%


Filter Coating


● High passband transmittance    

● High stability   

● Customizable


Coating Category Technical Specification
Cut-off filter

Passband transmittance T > 90%

The cut-off range can be based on customer requirements

Cut off depth OD3

Band-pass filter

CWL: 488nm/905nm/1064nm/1545nm/1575nm


Peak transmittance > 75%; Cut off depth OD3

The cut-off range can be based on customer requirements


Coating Test Capability 



Measurement items



Measurement items



Carry 7000


  1. Angle adjustable transmission spectrum measurement
  2. Stepless angle reflection spectrum measurement;
  3. Diffuse reflection capability

ISO 9211-2

Cross hatch adhesion test

Coating adhesion 

ISO 9211-4

Coating absorption tester

Coating weak absorption @532nm,1064nm

ISO 11551

Constant temperature and humidity box

Hot and damp test 

ISO 9022-2

LIDT test platform

355nm, 532nm, 1064nm pulsed laser damage threshold measurement

ISO 11254-2:2001

Climate Chamber

Temperature cycling test

ISO 9022-2

Coating hardness tester

Coating hardness test

ISO 15184

Friction resistance tester

Coating friction resistance test

ISO 9211-4

Water bath

Coating solubility test

Boil optics @160°C & 1atm

ISO 9211-4

Laser heating up test platform

Temperature rise test 

Simulate actual application conditions


LIDT Measurement Capability & Service


LIDT Measurement Capability

● Wavelength: 355nm/532nm/1064nm

● Laser mode: Pulsed

● Frequency: 10Hz

● Pulse width: 10ns

● Pulse number: 200


LIDT testing service

● Report available within 3 days after receiving sample

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