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World's First Solid-State Laser Lift-Off System Retrofit Project Gained Customer Acceptance



Xi’an, China – July 17, 2023 – The world’s first Solid State Laser Lift-Off System Retrofit Project, which was completed by Focuslight earlier, has gained customer acceptance from a well-known panel factory.

Laser Lift-Off (LLO) is one of the key processes in the production of flexible OLED panels, where ultraviolet laser energy is used to separate the flexible OLED display from the glass substrate. Based on Focuslight’s rich experience in solid-state laser lift-off of flexible OLED, the process is doable on both yellow PIs and transparent PIs with excellent results. Over the years, 24 sets of Focuslight’s solid-state laser lift-off systems have been delivered to internationally renowned semiconductor and flat panel display equipment manufacturers, for instance, in China and South Korea. For a long time, these systems have been applied in the production lines of many world-leading semiconductor display customers in China, South Korea, Japan, and other countries and regions.


Since 2022, Focuslight has been developing a new business model: apart from gaining orders for new production lines, the company is also actively expanding its market by retrofitting and upgrading existing production lines. Experiencing intense technical competition within the industry, Focuslight won the bidding for a solid-state laser lift-off system retrofit project of a well-known domestic panel factory in 2022, which was the world’s first solid-state laser lift-off system retrofit project. After upgrading the customer’s original laser lift-off equipment based on excimer lasers to the more advanced solid-state laser lift-off equipment, the customer no longer needs any special gas during operation, frequent gas replacement, or maintenance shutdown, thus greatly reducing operating costs and improving equipment utilization.

Recently, Focuslight’s solid-state laser lift-off system retrofit project was completed acceptance at the customer’s product line. This project further reveals Focuslight’s competitive advantages and core technologies, and it has opened up Focuslight’s new business model which will bring more economic benefits to customers in the semiconductor display industry.

In addition, Focuslight possesses optical design with proprietary intellectual property rights, and a wide product portfolio of line-beam laser lift-off systems with different specifications to meet customer needs. The product series covers the line length ranging from 100mm to 750mm, where the line width can be adjusted from 20μm to 40μm with ≥97% beam uniformity and ±420μm depth of field.

Focuslight’s solid-state laser lift-off systems

To further emphasize the flexible OLED laser lift-off business, Focuslight has established a line-beam ultraviolet solid-state laser lift-off test line in China, providing our Asia-Pacific customers with faster laser lift-off process testing services.

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